Travel to Bintan Island, Don’t Forget To Visit These Tourist Spot


If you are on vacation on Bintan Island, don’t forget to visit Treasure Bay Bintan. This place is the most popular tourist attraction on Bintan Island in the Riau Archipelago. The uniqueness of Treasure Bay lies in the presence of the largest seawater pool in Southeast Asia.

Tourist Attractions in Treasure Bay

This Treasure Bay tourist location is one of the most favorite places in Riau. The reason is the beauty of this place is not much different from Kelingking Beach in Nusa Penida, Bali.

Indeed, Bintan is close to Singapore and Malaysia, and Treasure Bay is attractive to foreign tourists. Since January 2022, Bintan Island has been designed as a tourist destination between Indonesia and Singapore.

Treasure Bay gives visitors an unforgettable journey and provides investors with extraordinary investment opportunities in Asia. This tourist spot offers a variety of fun water sports.

Various vehicles are also available for tourists. In addition to swimming activities, other natural activities are worth trying. There is also accommodation for villas in tourist areas. But what kind of tourism is there in this place? Here is the full explanation.

Chill Cove Treasure Bay Bintan is a park where you can enjoy various entertainment and sports activities for all ages. For more adventure, visitors can plan their day with

  • Exploring jungle terrain on ATV
  • Kayaking in the Bintan Mangrove Forest
  • Exploring mangroves in Pontoon

Visitors can also visit Chill Cove Wake Park for some water rides, including:

  • Water skiing session
  • Jetovator
  • Wakeboarding

Bonfire is one of the activities offered at Chill Cove Treasure Bay in Bintan, where visitors can gather to warm their bodies and hearts while singing favorite songs with their loved ones.

Food and drinks are provided upon request, but reservations must be made at least 3 days before arrival. 

  1. Crystal Lagoon

This location is the largest swimming pool in Southeast Asia, with a 6.3 hectares area. Here you can try various water activities such as kayaking, paddleboarding, water cycling, and sailing.

Apart from playing in the water, visitors can also walk around the pool or use a scooter, which is quiet and environmentally friendly. All rides are free for guests staying at Hotel Canopi Bintan by the pool. 

  1. Stroll around the Mangrove Forest

This trip offers a 60-minute environmental adventure with panoramic views of the Sebung River. For another memorable experience, this ride will surprise night visitors with the glow of fireflies.

Those are some fascinating rides and activities that you can get at Treasure Bay in Bintan. So, what are you waiting for? Come immediately to Treasure Bay in Bintan and have a fun holiday.

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