Things To Do: Exploring Japan And Everything Around It


Start your journey by exploring Japan’s ancient traditions and customs. Visit historic temples such as Kinkaku-ji in Kyoto or Senso-ji in Tokyo. Experience a traditional tea ceremony or witness the art of Kabuki or Noh theater. Stroll through beautifully preserved neighborhoods like Kyoto’s Gion or Tokyo’s Asakusa to catch a glimpse of traditional Japan.

Japan offers a rich tapestry of culture, history, and natural beauty that attracts travelers from around the world. To fully immerse yourself and make the most of your visit, here are some of the best ways to enjoy Japan as a traveler:

Delight in Culinary Adventures: Japan is a food lover’s paradise. Sample the diverse flavors of regional cuisine, from sushi in Tokyo to ramen in Hokkaido and okonomiyaki in Osaka. Visit local markets like Tsukiji Fish Market or Nishiki Market to savor fresh seafood and seasonal ingredients. Don’t miss the chance to dine at an authentic izakaya (Japanese pub) or try street food delicacies like takoyaki (octopus balls) or yakitori (grilled skewers).

Explore Nature’s Bounty: Japan boasts breathtaking natural landscapes. Discover the iconic Mount Fuji or hike the enchanting trails of Kumano Kodo. Admire the cherry blossoms in spring or witness the vibrant autumn foliage in places like Kyoto’s Arashiyama or Nikko.

Immerse in Modern Urban Life: Experience the dynamic energy of Japan’s bustling cities. Marvel at the futuristic architecture of Tokyo’s skyline, visit high-tech districts like Akihabara, or explore the vibrant nightlife in areas like Shinjuku or Shibuya. Take part in pop culture phenomena by attending anime conventions or visiting themed cafes.

Engage in Festivals and Events: Japan is renowned for its vibrant festivals and cultural events. Witness the electrifying atmosphere of summer fireworks festivals (hanabi) or join the lively festivities of traditional matsuri (festivals) like Gion Matsuri or Nebuta Matsuri. Time your visit to coincide with events like cherry blossom viewing parties (hanami) or snow festivals in Sapporo to witness Japan’s unique celebrations. Check out the Japan Traveller Guide.

Connect with the Locals: Engaging with locals can provide invaluable insights into Japanese culture. Learn a few basic Japanese phrases and strike up conversations. Stay in traditional guesthouses (ryokans) to experience warm Japanese hospitality and indulge in traditional customs. Participate in traditional crafts workshops or join a tea ceremony hosted by locals for an authentic cultural experience.

Take the Road Less Traveled: While popular destinations like Tokyo and Kyoto are must-visit places, consider exploring lesser-known regions. Discover the historical charm of Kanazawa, the hidden beauty of Tohoku, or the natural wonders of Yakushima Island. Venture off the beaten path to find hidden gems and experience a more authentic side of Japan.

Remember, the key to enjoying Japan is to embrace its rich traditions while also immersing yourself in the dynamic modern culture. With an open mind and adventurous spirit, your journey through Japan will be an unforgettable experience.

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