Enjoy Your Time in Phuket at a Great Elephant Sanctuary


When you visit the Phuket area of Bangkok, you’ll be able to enjoy lots of sunshine and time in the water, but if you need some time away from the heat at some point, it’s good to know there are many other things to enjoy while you’re there. In fact, the city has numerous tourist attractions for people of all ages, and one of the most interesting ones is an elephant sanctuary that allows you to get up close and personal with these majestic animals. They even offer tours that allow you to bathe and swim with the elephants, including baby elephants, and if you decide you’d like to stay there overnight so you can spend even more time with the animals, they offer that as well.

A Very Unique Facility

Elephant sanctuaries are located in several cities around Thailand, and they allow elephants to live out their lives safely and with the attention they need and deserve. Even if you don’t know much about elephants, it won’t matter because the people who work at these sanctuaries will teach you what you need to know to be safe while you’re dealing with the animals. The overnight tours in Phuket are especially unique because they are not your run-of-the-mill tourist attraction. You get to learn about the animals, feed and bathe them, and even spend the night in a comfortable cabin so you are never too far away from them. Various activities are planned for each day and evening, so this is something you shouldn’t miss whenever you’re in this part of the world.

Elephants Are Special Creatures

Elephants are docile and won’t harm humans in most cases, and the people who work at elephant sanctuaries can teach you how to handle them properly so that they never feel threatened. They also teach you about all the items that can be made out of elephant poop, including paper products and even soap! You are guaranteed to find out something you never knew about elephants, and whether you choose a half-day, all day, or even an overnight tour, you’ll always have a great time and leave the facility knowing that you just participated in something special and unique. There are numerous elephants at these facilities for you to enjoy while you’re visiting Phuket, and you can even whet your appetite for more by visiting their website so you can see for yourself what you can look forward to and how adorable the animals really are.

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