Best Independent Hotels in Windermere


The city of Windermere is among the most widely used summer time destinations in Cumbria, England. The city is situated nearly one half mile from the countries largest natural lake the river Windermere. From ponds to mountain tops, parks and gardens, this beautiful town provides a wonderful sight of nature’s divine beauty.

Apart from these soothing scenes of nature, there are plenty of attractions for example museums, historic structures and outdoor recreation which equal to the actual Windermere experience. There are lots of resorts and hotels to support an expansive quantity of vacationers going to the town each year.

Independent hotels in Windermere emerge like a best option for individuals who make their decision following a good hotel cost comparison. We’re listing lower top 5 independent hotels in Windermere that offer the very best of luxury and entertainment combined with the best cost.

1. Cedar plank Manor

This hotel will get its name in the famous cedar plank tree, that is stated to become about two centuries old. Your accommodation offers good all facilities you have to help make your vacation memorable and enjoyable. This hotel in Windermere was built-in 1854 your accommodation was a personal retreat. This hotel has eleven elegant suites, private car park along with a cedar plank tree garden that’s about 220 years old.

2. Linthwaite house

This can be a wonderful country house hotel in Windermere. This hotel has got the privilege to be voted within the listing of top 200 United kingdom hotels and being awarded the ‘most excellent country house 2007’. Using its welcoming exquisite location along with a welcoming atmosphere, this hotel offers the best avoid city existence. If you’re up for any nice memorable visit to Windermere but following a hotel cost comparison this Windermere hotel is unquestionably a pleasant spot to choose.

3. The Belsfield

This hotel is really a place where comfort and luxury is available in the most cost effective cost. The classic building goes back towards the Victorian occasions encircled by 6 aces of garden. Your accommodation has 64 bedrooms while offering many leisure activities and facilities to the residents. A stunningly reasonable cost beginning from £48 causes it to be a well known entry within our hotel cost comparison list.

4. Lindeth fell country house

Lindeth fell country house hotel is situated wonderfully at place overlooking the magnificent Lake. The doorway provides a warm and welcoming feeling towards the visitors. Built like a private retreat in 1909, this hotel maintains the elegance of the gentleman’s residence. This hotel has its own classic drawing room decorated with works of art and outfitted with books. An ideal and stylish destination, this hotel provides a cost range that’s reasonable and cost-effective.

5. The Famous Wild Boar

That one will get its name from your interesting legend of Mister Richard de Gilpin’s grapple with an outrageous boar. This hotel in Windermere provides a warm welcoming accommodation with a high quality food and individually designed room.

If you are planning to make your mind up after hotel cost comparison this hotel is essential inside your list.

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